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CASS Certifiedaddress correction
with ZIP + 4® and DPV® delivery point validation
to automatically scrub and standardize
all United States mailing addresses
walt disney
114 5
The Walt Disney Company
114 5th Ave Fl 13
New York NY 10011-5690
Order now: only $1 for every 5,900 address corrections
Includes complete integrated access to:
  • SuiteLink™ for completing business addresses
  • RDI™ for residence vs. business detection
  • LACSLink® for rural route conversions
  • ZIP + 4 latitudes and longitudes plus Census data
  • Postal presort for postage discounts plus eLOT®
  • The carrier route delivery statistics database
  • One flat rate regardless of your speed, volume, or frequency
  • No throttling, no data limits, no deadlines, no uploads
  • Full complement of canned interactive and batch tools
  • Scrollable windows on databases
  • No programming or scripting necessary
  • Geographically dispersed server farms
  • Automatic failover for complete redundancy
  • High speed overlapped processing for zero network latency
  • Completely encrypted for total privacy
  • Simple interface, easy to customize
  • Resell or create a private service with no restrictions
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