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DUPDTECT is a "duplicate detector", a program that finds duplicate records in databases. DUPDTECT allows you to find duplicates using tests that can range from very simple (such as "find records with the same phone number") to very complex (such as "find records containing the same unpunctuated alphabetics in the address field plus the same first three digits in the ZIP field plus the same sounding name in the recipient's name field").

DUPDTECT is a Windows application that processes dBase (.DBF) databases or fixed-field (undelimited) text files, using a convenient drag-and-drop interface. DUPDTECT includes the ability to edit and delete records in the file being processed. Or, you can instruct DUPDTECT to simply mark any records found to be duplicates. Deletion of duplicate records can then be done within a database or mailing list program, after the duplicate records have been reviewed.

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