ZP4 DVD-ROM order form for Visa or MasterCard

Use this form to immediately submit a credit card order and make a one-time payment for the total price of one or more discs. Use the standing order form if you instead wish to automatically receive selected disc editions until you cancel. Use our generic invoice if you instead wish to send us an order paid by check.
Year-round processing and multi-employee capabilities are available
even if you purchase only every other ZP4 edition.

Check the box for each $99 ZP4 edition you wish to purchase:

ZP4 disc expiring 07/1/14 (currently shipping)
ZP4 disc expiring 08/1/14 (available approximately May 22, 2014)
ZP4 disc expiring 09/1/14 (available approximately June 2014)
ZP4 disc expiring 10/1/14 (available approximately July 2014)
ZP4 disc expiring 11/1/14 (available approximately August 2014)
ZP4 disc expiring 12/1/14 (available approximately September 2014)
ZP4 disc expiring 01/1/15 (available approximately October 2014)
ZP4 disc expiring 02/1/15 (available approximately November 2014)
ZP4 disc expiring 03/1/15 (available approximately December 2014)
ZP4 disc expiring 04/1/15 (available approximately January 2015)
ZP4 disc expiring 05/1/15 (available approximately February 2015)
ZP4 disc expiring 06/1/15 (available approximately March 2015)
ZP4 disc expiring 07/1/15 (available approximately April 2015)
ZP4 disc expiring 08/1/15 (available approximately May 2015)
ZP4 disc expiring 09/1/15 (available approximately June 2015)

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Require a signature upon delivery (adds $4 to the per-disc shipping charge).

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